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Okay, I delivered my beautiful daughter on October 1 and today is the 27. The doc said to start trisemma birth control pill on the second sunday after delivery so I have taken 17 out of a 28 pack. My fiance and I had the first night alone tonight since she was born and had our first intercourse action. I have not missed a pill but he did get off inside of me. I am not ready for another child, I want to enjoy my newborn and continue with school now. Am I in the clear of pregnancy? Please answer me asap!

Very curious


Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl.
If the Dr. put you on the pill right after she was born, you shouldn't worry.
You say you are faithfully taking them when your supposed to and hubby hasn't cum inside of you, don't worry.
Enjoy your baby girl and good luck in school.