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my wife is 6 weeks pregnant. she contracted the polio virus when she was 10yrs old and her left leg is smaller than the right one. will there be a side effect with the baby and what are the difficulties she will experience during her pregnancy and the care that i must do for her. Hope somebody would enlighten me because this will be our first baby. Thank you very much.[/url]


Congratulations Basti, babies are such a joy and they smell real good, well most of the time XD

Let me just rest your mind a second. I have a friend about my age (53) shhh, don't tell anyone, and her mom contracted Polio 45 years ago, my friend was just a little kid but remembers her mom confined to a wheelchair. Well, my friends mom got pregnant and had a 11 pound boy. She had a severe case of Polio which put her in the wheelchair for the rest of her life, but still managed to make a baby and deliver it and care for it until he moved out of the family home when he got married. I saw pics of the two of them together, there was nothing that mom couldn't do baby wise. She delivered by C section, for obvious reasons, but he was fat and healthy and thrived with the help of a loving and very competant mom.
As long as your wifes doctor is on top of the pregnancy and he has her health in control, please don't worry. Once again, congratulations :-D