I have started doing some long runs in preparation for my first half marathon. When I would do 6 or 7 miles, no problem. Lately I have been doing some 9.5 mile runs on the weekend. I feel no pain during the run, and none after. About 8 hours after the run, my left calf will begin to feel very tight. During the night, it will keep me awake, quite tender. Walking seems to quiet it right down. During the next day, it will subside and then completely fade away. The other calf has no pain at all.

If I stand up, and try to lift my left heel towards my buttocks, I will only get a couple of inches up from the floor and the pain is pretty intense. It makes me wonder, is it an ITB strain, or a hamstring that is pulling at the calf? Like I said, within one or 2 days, I will be fine hitting the road again.

During yesterday's long run, I stopped 3 times to stretch, thinking that might prevent this from happening. I stretched several times during the day after my run. I have high arches and tend to supinate so I am in neutral shoes, right now NB 1062.

Any ideas? I kept switching sides of the road during the run so it would sort of even out (that one leg would seem to be longer than the other due to the tilt of the road).

Thanks anyone. I tried to provide all the information I thought would be helpful. Ask me if I left something out!