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Hi,  I am very scared to have my tonsils out, but after 3 bouts of strep over a 6 week period, and tonsil stones half my life, I am ready.  I will drink as much water and liquids as I can and just count the days till I heal.  I feel like I have no choice at this point, as it is affecting my quality of life.  I have also had so many sore throats as well as an abcess in one of my tonsils.  It was filled with puss, yuck.  I will post my recovery when I can.  



I'm in somewhat similar situation to yours - last year I had strep throat infection almost every month (thank God, this year it was only once). But, unlike you, I'm still a big coward when it comes to having a surgery to remove the already useless tonsils because I'm afraid of the recovery process. When is your procedure scheduled?

If you can, I'd be very thankful to hear how your recovery goes, and who knows, maybe it gives me enough reason to have mine removed as well,

Wish you all the best,