Hey! I've been debating about getting my tonsils but I'm not too sure. Since January I have had about 3/4 extremely sore throats. In January I had tonsillitis, and since then the tonsil stones have never fully gone away. Every since then and I had a sore throat I have had the stones. Today marks the 3rd/4th sore throat since January. My gland is very swollen and the doctor even said it looked terrible. I have lots of stones. I'm just sick of having the stones and sore throats but the doctors have said Its not necessary for me to take my tonsil out. They said its very hard being older and getting your tonsils out (I am 22 year old female) and they do not recommend it. They said times are different now then when they were younger. I have read a few comments and just have heard how everyone is miserable and throwing up and in so much pain and going to the ER. And it makes me not want to take them out. I'm just sick of having tonsil stones and sore throats. Let me know what you guys thoughts are! Thanks :)