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I have been allergic to chicken since my early 20s, but with accidental consumption over the years and accidentally inhaling a steamed "turkey" (a mislabeled chicken) my allergy progressed to being airborne; I reacted to catered meals of chicken soup and chicken in large quantities (hot/steaming).    

Recently, I had a chicken pox vaccine and my arm got completely swollen and infected.  Since then I have had 5 airborne reactions to chicken, 2 of which I didn't even know chicken was in my vicinity.       

I can eat eggs and other poultry and not many people seem to believe me until they see it.   So far, Benadryl has been working for me, but puts me out for the day.   I do have an EPIpen.    


Anyone else have airborne reactions? 



Found this through a Google search. I've had an airborne allergy to chicken for the past two years now (I'm currently 29) and you're the first person I've read of outside of myself with a similar condition.

My face swells, I become disoriented and if I am not removed from the area, it can also become difficult to speak or function.

It's definitely been an adjustment (not being able to go out to eat to most places with my husband for example...), but I'm making it work. :)