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What foods are recommended in alcohol detoxification? My brother is not exactly alcoholic but has developed nutritional problems because of alcohol. He’s 25 and his immunity is very poor. I’d be grateful for any advice about some special recommendations for that kind of condition. Thanks in advance.


For liver function improvement and detoxification it is the best to start with amino acid L-cysteine. Evening primrose and borage seed oil are helpful in reducing alcohol toxicity. Chamomile tea calms digestive tract. Chicken soup, nonfatty poultry and fish give more nourishment. Vitamins like C and B are good in alcohol detoxification and minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. Anyway, basic diet should contain legumes and other vegetables, pasta, whole grains, potatoes and fruit, try to maintain alkaline diet.


few time back I was also a alcoholic but not now,

I think it is good for your husband to undergo any treatment.
& yes it is certainly a gradual process,Sudden change may harm.

remember he needs determination & also family support.
there r many other methods r avilable to get rid of same.
i don't need to tell u more as I remember the web site which helped me
a lot

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