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What daily alcohol consumption, on average, ends in physical dependency to aclohol? I've searched all over the net and cannot locate anything related to the quantity of use that will result in physical dependency and W/Ds. Just signs and symptoms of alcohol WD. Also, how long before WD symptoms begin to appear from the last drink?

For instance, a person whom consumes 2-3 vodka drinks a day for several months only at night? Will this person experience any life threatening WD's and require supervision by a doctor for detox? Or, does the body require regular drinking throughout the day for an extended period of time to display life threatening WD symptoms? I.E., a person that wakes and requires a drink to stop hands from shaking, etc.

I am seeking out information about the possibility of severe WD medical issues, like seizures for a person that consumes 2-3 drinks per day for a few months and then wants to CT.

Thanks for the help.


friend alcohol is not a drug for that one could decide a dose for a day/week.
But of course it primarily depends on physique of alcoholic person,
& for your information all alcohol drink leaves it's chemicals in
the body of alcoholic,due to which one needs alcohol within 8hours
after the last drink,
If a person is taking 2-3 vodka drink/day ,then within 5-7 months,
chemicals(left in body by alcohol) will become strong & toxic,in this
stage to leave taking alcohol is not a solution,Detoxification of body
is must,the r lots of methods r available for detoxification including herbal &
medical & for that a remember a site

u can get info about medicince & other ways of detoxification from the same.
hope this info will help u...............