I had my appendix removed 4 weeks ago.  My appendix had collaped on it.  They sent me home 6 hours after surgery beause I had no insurance. A couple of days after the surgery my right breast was bigger than the left.  I went back to the Emergency room where they said they did not notice anything.  They ran no test.  I went back to my doctor because I developed swelling by the shoulder blade.  He said go to my back doctor.  It feels like a fluid  in the area.  It is like a burning also tightness.  If I lay on my side it helps.  My back is killing me.  Where my appendix was removed hurts and where they seperated the colon from appendix is swollen.  But the pain is nothing compared to the back area.  It feels like the  tightness is spreading along where the bra area is.  Has anyone had this problem?