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Im a 16 year old girl. Ive always thought of myself as straight and Ive has sex and stuff with guys. Only problem is, I went to a party a month ago and this girl (a good friend) was sat on my knee... I really wanted to kiss her and do stuff with her but she walked off cos she said the way i was looking at her creeped her out. Now whenever I see her its really awkward and I think those feelings never went away... I dont know what to do... Am I bi??



           This doesn't mean you are 100% bisexual, it could just mean you're a little curious. Maybe, if you find a girl that you want to do things with, and do them, you will see if you are interested in it as you thought. If so, you may be bisexual, if not then it was just a curious fantasy, I'm sure everyone thinks about it at some point in their life. :-)