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hi everyone,

im 15 years old and a girl!

growing up i have always had boyfriends or crushes on boys and there wasnt a doubt in my mind that i was anything else till.... when i was 13 (year 9) i moved to an all girls school which im still at now.

there is this girl in my year that is STUNNING!! i was friends with her and that was it.

but than i started to get these feelings about there and couldn't stop thinking about her (but not in a sex way yet) so i decided to write her a love letter and put it in her locker when she was in lessons (it didnt have my name on it) so she showed everyone but know one new who it was?

till a girl was listening to music on  my phone and found my diary on it and rad it and saw stuff about the letter and told everyone in my year! i was so upset and felt sp awkward but she was still speaking to me thank god! (it was awkward tho) 

so yeh time past and i couldnt stop thinking about her and it became sexual (i had never felt this way about a girl and still to this day haven't) 

i wanted her attention so badly so i lied to her and said i had cancer (i know messed uo) but i was i love with her and still am! the whole year found out so  i got more sh*t!

i started getting really unhappy (to do with other things aswell) this girl would hardly speak to me! i started selfharming and always feeling depressed!(still am) no one understands anything! i get bullied really badly as you could imagine! but i cant stop thinking about this girl and she is breaking my heart!

so what do you guys think i am?


you are you. Straight, bi, lesbian. Alot of teens have mixed feelings, because they are trying to figure themselves out.It is definately not abnormal to have feelings for the same gender. You may be confused now, but in the future it will clear up! When you are older, none of the school kids will matter atall! It will be your life and what you make of it. This girl sounds as though she is confused about your feelings torward her. I would lay low, until you decide whats best. Hope everythibg goes well!


ok like i've said for 29 posts is who cares i am a guy so i could be gay staight or bi but in school i am qouting myself "kids are assholes" they tease at the littlest thing so just tell her how you feel becuase if she doesnt talk to you she looses not you people like that are idiots who probably feel confused like you but there way to coupe is tease and tuant and they arent worth being friends with.i am goeing trew the same i told a girl i liked her and she told me she liked me to so take the risk intead of being forced by peer presure if i didnt who know she might of felt the same way but was afaid to ask so if she feels the same you cant make her ask you have tomy point is straight gay lesbain or bi theres always someone goeing through what you are