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I was wondering can you lose your virginity from getting fingered


That depends exactly what you mean by the question and why you ask!

Medically speaking, you only lose your virginity when a penis enters your vagina. So you cannot technically lose your virginity from getting fingered - only through sexual intercourse. You are still a virgin until you first have sexual intercourse, and not thereafter. It cannot be regained, even with hymen repair surgery.

However, many refer to the hymen as their virginity, and consider virginity is lost when the hymen is torn. Fingering sometimes causes the hymen to rupture, whether done by yourself or a man. This can be a cultural or religious issue. However many hymens rupture by causes other than sexual activity (for instance rigorous sports, gymnastics, or horse-riding). Sometimes hymen repair surgery is undertaken to restore virginity viewed this way.

Furthermore, some would consider virginity is not just medical, but more spiritual, and any sexual intimacy with another person (like fingering) is a violation of virginity. This can also be a cultural or religious issue. Some consider themselves 'born-again virgins' when they have realised their virginity loss was a mistake, and determine to remain chaste until marriage.

I hope this helps