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Hi there,

My left tonsil has been swollon/enlarged for about 2 years. It doesn't hurt, it just feels like it's in the way from time to time, but doesn't really restrict me from swallowing. It seems to feel at it's biggest if my body is fighting something, but I have quite a good immune system so this doesn't happen very offen. Just wandering if you think I should worry about it and go to see a doctor?


my right tonsil has been swollen for a few years aswell it has'nt bothered me in any way. i went to the doctor last week because i had a cough and cold,he looked in my mouth and seen my tonsil he asked how long i had had it for when i told him he asked if had gotten larger which it had not,then he said he would refer me to an E,N,T if i wanted it removed,i am still waiting for the appointment. i went on google to look it up and all that comes up is tonsil cancer on further investigation i discovered tonsil stones i have not got then but thought back and did have them at one time i now think that this has caused the swelling,also there are hundreds of causes for swollen tonsils i would not self diagnose as this will make you worry,and see the doctor more than likely it will just be a case of getting your tonsils removed.
good luck