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I am dealing with a painful anal fissure. I am looking for a good surgeon to perform this procedure. Any suggestions for finding a good surgeon.


fissure cure

1 go to chemists buy a small jar of manganese
permanganate also called condees crystals

2 also buy a tube of haemorrhoid ointment you
only need the applicator which comes with the

3 take a new sterile handkerchief or similar
piece of cloth

5 wrap the cloth around the applicator from your ointment so its around the applicator
and also covers the tip as well make the tip
not so sharp by taking off a small amount to blunt it before wrapping

6 take approx a teaspoon of the crystals you bought and put it in a clean jar about the jam jar size now add water slowly until you have a mix
which is like pale ink

7 get a condom and go all around it making small holes maybe 10 or so all around

8 now take your cloth wrapped applicator and dip it in to the crystal mixture until well soaked
and then slide the condom over the whole thing
until it covers the wet cloth.

9 now test the holes by squeezing the condom a bit to make sure it leaks out if not put more mix in to the condom to make it wetter inside

10 put an elastic band around the end of the condom to close it off

11 smear some vaseline or baby oil on the condom

12 insert condom in to anus a short distance
wiggle it about a little and the crystal mix
will leak in to your fissure area and enter the
fissure, do this once a day for 2 or 3 days

my fissure was pain free in 2 days and and
forgotten about after 3 days, my mix i used
was almost like ink color paler mix may

take a day or two longer to fix it, check with

a doctor before doing it is good advise, but
this will work if your fissure gets the mix
i was told it would be with me for a long
time without surgery i didnt want to go

through all that pain and this is what i did

exactly as shown, my doctor pointed me

to the manganese permanganate but didnt

show me how to do it he said sit in it, im

sure you see why that wouldnt work, so i
devised this sytem after a lot of thought

and i hope you get a fast cure from this
tip and no more pain, also think about
caused the fissure, eat fruit drink water
myself i make sure i have porridge of a

morning it seems to be a good habit
and its made with lots of water and some
skim milk

good health


Anal fissures are fairly common and usually heal without treatment or with nonsurgical treatments. Signs and symptoms may go away within two weeks. If the tear doesn't heal within six to eight weeks, however, you may need surgery.

If you have a chronic anal fissure that won't heal on its own, your doctor may recommend surgery. Surgery usually involves cutting a portion of the anal sphincter muscle to reduce spasm and pain and promote healing. Surgery may also include removal of the fissure and any scar tissue resulting from it.

Surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis. Rarely, cutting the anal sphincter results in loss of ability to control bowel movements.

There are a lot of great doctors out there who specialize in this area of medicine. Ask a lot of questions and do your homework! You are in control of your healthcare!


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