I'm 36. My tubes are tied. My cycles were normal up until Feb. when it never came. Went to the dr and had a pregnancy test which came back negative. Next month cycle still didn't come and nothing in April. Well I was having serious problems with my stomach. My ENT referred me to a GI dr who scheduled a upper endoscopy well they drew blood from me that day and later found out my count was extremely low it was like a 6.6. Diagnoise me with chronic anemic. I was immediately admitted into the hospital where I had to have not one but two transfusions because my blood kept dropping. Well I had a upper endoscopy and a colonopshy and they phone nothing. While in the hospital I was still seeing blood in my urine eventually my cycle did come on and now I am passing huge blood clots. During the time I wasn't having a cycle sometimes I would have sharp pain go through my stomach and I couldn't move until it passed. I'm afraid I'm still losing blood and don't know it. My hips hurt so does my back. In August of 2012 I had a problem were my cycle came on and never went off. I bleed for like 20 days straight, also passing huge blood clots. My cycle isn't heavy. And it's not just one blood clot at a time. It's several.