Over the past few years now I've get randomly angry and uncontrollably mad and usually take it out on myself. A lot of it is home issues that I can't really resolve, and a lot of other things. I've also noticed some random breathing problems, it was hyperventilation (I went to the doctor, and they said it was that one night when I couldn't breathe.. and they said everything is working fine in my body) But a lot of it is anger and feeling randomly anxious and angry over the smallest stuff.. Its very hard to control I feel tired and have a huge headache after an episode/anger attack..

Some things I'm really worried about:

This can't be good for my health. And I really want to learn to control it. I have some serious anger, and other stress issues that I think might be taking years off of my life or even worse messing with my head and brain... Now I always feel tired lately and worn out. And almost constantly have huge headaches.. Anything I can do to resolve this would be a great help.. thanks.