I had a health scare in December which has left me an emotional and nervous wreck. I was nearly finishing my erasmus in Vienna and I there was two consecutive nights where a lot of alcohol was consumed (gin and vodka). Now, I am a 20 year old male, fit and healthy, no conditions or problems, go to the gym and eat well etc. I normally would drink a fair bit if I go out and I never had any problems that were serious or anything, just a hangover. So, after these two nights of drinking, I experienced an irregular heartbeat that had to require a cardiotherpy shock. I was quite rattled by this experience and may have developed anxiety as a result. I have had panic attacks which has led me into the ER thinking it was my heart but they always assure me that there is nothing wrong, I have no underlying condition or anything. I went through a lot in the past 3 months with moving to another country to do my student internship as well as moving apartments because I had a lot of problems in my first one. I just wish I could believe that I am healthy and just put that unfortunate incident behind me. I am also very anxious every time I drink any alcohol which is very annoying because I like to have a few drinks with friends. Could anyone help me because it is taking its toll and I don't want to feel like this when I am so young and with my life ahead of me :(