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hi all,

      i'm just starting to take apple cider vinegar.  i'm a very little person,  not trying to lose weight.  i am just taking it for all of it's health benefits, but can't stand the taste.  i've tried diluting it in a lot of water and adding honey,  and putting it in fruit juice,  and it's just a no go.  i found the best way for me is to just get it over quickly with a very small shot.  i know not to take it straight as that can be harmful, but can i take 1 tsp. of vinegar diluted with like a couple tablespoons of water, or is that just pointless?  also, does your body grow immune to acv over time?  if so, is there a way to avoid this, like perhaps increasing the amount every 10 years or so?  anyways, i appreciate your help.


you could put it into capsules yourself, or buy it already in capsules. Better yet, make salad and use it in your dressing. :-D