...always visible?
One tonsil is much larger/swollen than the other. One tonsil i can see a white/yellow spec clearly, but the other, the larger one, cant even see anything. Both tonsils are a darker shade of red compared to the mouth, but on the larger tonsil i can sometimes notice a few white/yellow specs coming out of it, not on the outside though, as if something is trying to get out? They are barely noticeable.
There is no pain in the tonsils. The only pain i feel is just under my jaw to the sides, and sometimes down the sides of my neck, a bit stiff.
Recently i have had an increase in phlegm being brough up, sometimes with a streak of blood.
I have a small cough sometimes as well, but not painful. Neither is it painful to swallow or difficult.
I think the tonsil enlargement just suddenly appeared, from what i noticed anyway. Is this normal for tonsil stones? How long do tonsil stones usually stay in the tonsil? If tonsil stones come out of the tonsil, does they tonsil decrease in size itself?

Thank you very much for any help!