I have been smoking weed heavily for the past 3 years. During that time, I smoked a lot of tobacco from a lot of cigarettes and whenever I smoked weed, I would mix tobacco in it every time. Before this new year, I decided to quit tobacco smoking completely and just stick to weed because one time that I was smoking (weed with tobacco) I noticed a white dot (tonsil stone) on my tonsil. I stopped smoking for a few days and waited for it to come out on it’s own and it did. Few weeks later, I then get another one in the exact same spot. This is when I decided to stop the tobacco smoking completely because I thought It might be from the tobacco smoke (I haven’t smoked tobacco for a few months now.) Now let me be clear, I have awful hygiene (tonsil stones are from bad oral hygiene from what I read.) I would go about 1-2 months without brushing my teeth (gross I know) maybe once or twice I would do it during that time frame. When then the second one came out, same thing happen. Few weeks later I suddenly got another one in the exact same spot so It wasn’t from the tobacco smoking after all. I waited it out and eventually came out. About two weeks ago, I was smoking at night before bed (my usual routine) and felt something in my mouth and went to go check the mirror and sure enough it was another tonsil stone. It got it out with a qtip and then after this point, this Is when It started to get bad. I would get them in the spot I would always get them in and now on the other tonsil too. Some are very deep and I keep playing with my tonsils with a qtip to try to get them out which I do with some and others I fail to get out. I have read water + salt helps along with hard sour candy and lemon juice could also help. What could be the reason for me getting these all the time now especially once I stopped the tobacco smoking? I think It might be from the combination of terrible hygiene with not brushing my teeth for months and smoking. I honestly can’t keep thinking about me having to stop smoking just because of these annoying tonsil stones. Do I have to completely stop smoking? Because I feel like once now I get them, smoking is just going to make them come back. I now brush 3 times a day.