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I have smelly armpits as well- no matter what I do or when I shower or how much I shower or what deodorant I wear... you get it. 

This has been ongoing for a few years and I just wanted to know if anybody has solved armpit BO that's really ingrained in the armpit. I've tried the vinegar, the baking soda..

for some reason nothing works for me? 

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks! 


This is what works for me. 

I am unable to wear underarm deodorant or antiperspirant due to sensitive skin. Unable to even use those cristal things. 

What works for me is a paste of organic honey and cinnamon. I make up a small jar of this at a time. Just rub a small amount into arm pits before going into shower. Lather up as normal avoiding arm pits. Rinse off and rub paste into arm pits, then wash area with soap. 

Good to go. 

Good luck.