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Hi, I am 28 years of female having lumps under both elbow.

After a test of backteck ..Tuberculosis... DNA... it is found positive 1:25 .

Doctor advised to continue the 10 month medicine Therapy. alternate the operation.

Your suggestion is sought is it required any clinically corolation/operation and is there any further tests required before operation.
whether the operation is safer side than the medicine.

Sipra Das


Hi there! Your post is very hard to understand and if you could rewrite, maybe we could see it in another light. First of all, Auxiliary Glands are situated under the armpits, not elbows. When they swell, they could indicate many things (you didn’t say what it was found to be positive). It could be bacterial infection, viral, fungal, malignant or it could be benign cyst, lipoma (harmless fatty growth), or normal fatty tissue that extended into the armpit area.

Can you also write down the medicine you were given and what kind of surgery it was suggested? Any additional information would be highly appreciated, so that we could have all the pieces of the puzzle. Thanx