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I have a question. Does anyone know what is going on with this magic pill or sthThe story about axokine was very promising. Is anyone familiar if the pill is already on market?
Thanx for replies!


Hi there,
I remember reading in paper that it finished phase 3 and its waiting for FDA approval process, which only small minority of new drugs survive; for example since ’97 only two (Xenical and Meridia). That is why the FDA is being pressed with demands for shorter studies, in short, less demanding criteria. On the other hand obesity is actually massive increasing disorder that has to be cured, the same as other diseases… legislation is too rigid… this is the most used statement from obesity experts
However, axokine is not a pill!!! Axokine must be injected daily!!! That is why, by my opinion, FDA is so careful (and I would be also).
Phase 3 (phase 3a was finished in 03 and I think 3b is still taking place) was a success for axokine. Axokine was generally well-tolerated. Treated patients lost at least 5% of their initial body weight. 11.3 % subjects lost at least 10% of their initial body weight and more than 50 % of early responders (those who lost 4 lbs in first month) and more than 50 % that experienced average weight loss of 19.4 lbs. Fox Television even stated that "Axokine" led to an extra weight loss of 1 pound per week in their trials and does not make axokine a miracle! Long- term side effects are still not known and won’t be for while even if the drug is approved by FDA.
Considering the side – effects, I could have for using the axokine injections, I think the risk is too high for 1 pound a week :-)