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i have white balls atthe back of my throat which make my breath smell do u know any thing i could try


I can help you by explaining what they are but I am not sure if I can offer any good methods of removal.
These little balls are called tonsilloliths a.k.a tonsil stones. They are formed in the tonsils pits. They are made of dead cells of oral mucosa that regularly sheds just like skin does. Some dead cells accumulate in these pits a.k.a crypts and make a very good feeding ground for the bacteria that naturally live in mouth. The bad smells come from bacteria.

Now, different people try different stuff to get rid of them. They gargle, use q-tips to get them out but the methods rarely work. Sometimes, these tonsiloliths may make your throat hurt. Doctors say the only way to get rid of them is to get the tonsils out.

You may not have these balls all the time, they may come and go.
I had them when I was little for a period of time but they haven’t appeared for over 15 years and I did nothing about it, they just stopped showing up.