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heeeeeeeeeeeeey!  /brushing/gum:(

i just wanna say im 15/female and i have been suffering from Bad breath for years n i think its due to m tonsils

ive been very embarresd to share this famo but hopefully ma dad would book me an appointment with tha GP im not scared of the operation but im scared  that the GP would say no to the procier err:( i have medium tonsil with loads of holes and the tonsil stones seem to be suved back their.


my breth is bad it never goes whatever i try/brushing teeth/gum:(nothing!

i know people say thing about the smell and my social life crumbling


can any one  give me advice on how i can pusade my doc to givee me an tonsillctomy

and if youve had one can i have advice pls (my spelling is c**p)

i can no longer live wid te smel/ the sore thoart etc! heeellpppppp


sorry to  hear..:( i hope some one reply's help u x ::-)