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Okay so I'm only 12 and a few days ago I put on shorts to go to sleep and noticed my legs were a purple tint and had blotches of my normal skin color scattered around them. I told my mom but she waved me off saying it was no big deal. I figured I was fine and I was able to go a few days before noticing it again. It seems to be moving closer to my thighs now but at the moment it has stopped right at my knees. I figured it was just that I was cold considering the fact that it's winter. I'm also noticing that my feet are very red. I can push down on the skin on my feet and it turns normal then back to red. Can Someone please help me? I'm freaking out.



I don't think you have any real problems.  Purple blotches often indicate a difference in blood circulation with neigboring areas.  Pressing on the purple areas should go to normal color.  Did you have some cold weather recently?  That can cause circulation problems for your legs.  I see you put on some shorts to sleep in and your legs may have gotten cold during the night.  I often have purple patches during cold weather.  Once you get going (moving around) most of that should go away.  Having red feet may indicate that you have pooling of blood to your feet.  That's not uncommon in cold weather.  When you stand up suddenly that causes blood to gather in your feet.  It's very difficult for you to return blood by way of your veins from your feet back to your heart.  You're having to pump blood against gravity.  That's why your calf veins have valves in them.  Without those valves your blood would never make it back to your heart.