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My hands are always dry and red, sometimes they go a very bright red, and also a bit blue/purple when they're cold.
Over the winter the skin on my hands got very dry and cracked which made them bleed, however now that it is not as cold they no longer do this but have remained dry.
I have used different moisturisers and these work on the dryness, but my main concern is how red they are it's very embarrassing and I am always very consious of them.
When I keep my hands raised above my elbows for a while they sometimes return to my normal skin colour and they also do when I'm in the sun for a while usually, but that's not often in England.
It is only on the back of my hands, there is nothing on the palms and there is a clear line where it stops on the back of my wrist.

It's very embarrassing and I think it may also stop me from persuing the career I would like to, if it Raynauds or Psoriasis or something like that.
If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.


Maybe you're allergic to something.


Hey dude, I've had precisely the exact some thing, I have no idea what it is and it seems no one knows how to fix it, let me know if you found out how.