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So, on friday night I didn't eat any lunch or dinner. I went out and drank 2 bottles of alize, and right after that I took a few shots of my friends hard liquor they had. Shortly after- my night was over. I was throwing up everywhere, alot of it. I passed out that night and got up around 3am. I tried to go to mc donalds and eat but i threw that up too. The next day (saturday) I tried to have a smoothie but threw that up as well. I ate chicken at midnight and sunday I had chicken as well. It is now monday and my stomach is still bothering me. My stomach growls really loud all day, and im really gassy. My stomach hurts, not like super painful but its like a irritating pain. It feels like the kinda pain you get when your extremely hungry- BUT im not hungry. So whats wrong with me? =( 


Just try and eat some thing really bland and boring like pasta with no sauce (at most put a bit of butter on it), or crackers! Drink plenty of water throughout the day but not too much at any one time - or too much liquid might make you throw up! You've most likely just REALLY irritated your stomach from the alcohol! Do be careful in future though - because by drinking so much that you pass out, not eating anything before - you really are putting yourself at risk! Alcohol related deaths, etc - google it - you could really scare yourself - but in a way thats a good thing! Im not gonna preach coz ive done exactly the same - but please take care of yourself - it really is sad & scary what could happen!

Im sure you'll be fine - the main thing is to get water down you coz all this throwing up will dehydrate you - if you cant keep water down at all - you're gonna have to go to hospital - dehydration can be fatal (you would feel TERRIBLE though - so not trying to scare you).

Try and eat bland food, drink water regularly and eat the food at normal times - best to eat little meals every 4 hours for a day - then go back to normal times - breakfast, lunch and tea!

Hope you feel better soon! :)