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Hello, i am nearly 16 years old, and believe i have a varicocele on my left testicle. i don't know that for sure, as i have only researched and assumed my condition, but i'm fairly certain as it fits most of the symptoms, and looks pretty similar.

About every 4-six months or so, i get quite painful aches and pains that range from the lower back, left thigh and scrotum/left testicle (these are worse during physical activity).
i usually just endure this until the pain goes away, and it does after a couple of days.

i noticed it when i was 12, but have done nothing about it. i have not seen a doctor nor told anyone about this problem, primarily because i find it very difficult just telling them and getting the message across.
what should i do? please help.


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well it does deffinatly sound like vericoceles. they normally pose no threat except lowering fertility which normally restores after it is fixed. it would be a good idea to get it checked out the doctors can fix it.

anymore questions or concerns just ask!!!! 8)