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Question: What are the best institutions in the US that perform this surgery?

(I am a 61-year old female who is still working. Need to lose about 25 lbs.)

I will undergo this surgery on the right foot only in addition to:

1. Having a bunion removed on my right foot (has been there--small--but was evident when I was 40.
2. Having three of my toes "shortened"
3. Having the heel split and moved over
4. Fusion of joints in the mid foot and above my bunion
(I have arthritis in mid-foot top)

The postoperative protocol calls for no driving or walking for 3 months. I was told that I have an S-shaped foot--that this was hereditary. I jogged in my 20's to early 40's. Could this have contributed to the problem? I also have worn short and high heels througout my career. Did this contribute to the problem? Did waiting almost 20 years exacerbate the condition?

I have the opinion of one ortho surgeon and would now like a second opinion; I would also like to know where this type of surgery is routinely performed. Do you have comments on the healing process and where I might go to get a thorough second opinion from a well-known and capable doctor who is a leader in the field? What type of pain is associated with this surgery post-operatively?

I look forward to your advice and guidance.


I don't think that there is any point in looking over your previous mistakes to figure out what you did to cause the issue. I think it's best for you to take the attitude that you are doing what you need to do now and get treatment. It is true that jogging is hard on your joints and your feet, but that wearing heels for women has long been a major issue for feet. I think it's great that you are getting this surgery done--forget about your past mistakes, but learn from them so you don't make them again. Good luck with your surgery!