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I had a primary rhinoplasty by an expensive, experienced NYC doctor. He added so much cartilage to my nose making it bulky when I wanted a smaller nose. He left me with an over projected tip, a longer nose due to added cartilage at the top of the bridge and the tip. Overall, super average at best.

I want to know the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in the country? I need cartilage to be removed and I want a smaller, cuter, nose that is closer to my face (think Ariana Grande).

I am considering Sam Rizk (nyc), Philip Miller (nyc)... who else?

Thank you!


Hi, I see that this post is over a year old, but I have been extremely happy with Dr. Kotler in Beverly Hills for revision rhinoplasty. He quoted me $14,000 and him and his staff were wonderful. Real self is a great website to look at reviews of plastic surgeons. Hope this helps!