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horrible saddle deformity, need graft. Thinking of dr Cochran in Dallas, he is half the 20k that dr kridel charges in Houston. any feedback? its not all about money. I cant stand my profile and snore horribly. I need to make one good decision here. thanks!


I underwent two unsuccessful procedures after my nose was broken. Since that time, I have been researching to surgeons who excel at the procedure. Each one of these surgeons specialize in revision rhinoplasty as well. These surgeons listed are some of the best in the world. As someone who's had two prior procedures, I would not want a rhinoplasty or revision done by someone outside of this group. I just wish I would have known about these guys when I went in for my first operation. The surgeons are listed in no particular order:

A) Dr. Mark Constantian - Nashua, New Hampshire

B) Dr. Bahamon Guyuron - Cleveland, Ohio

C) Dr. C Spencer Cochran - Dallas, TX

D) Dr. Richard E Davis - Miramar, FL

E) Dr. Jay Calvert - Beverly Hills, CA

F) Dr. Dean Torumi - Chicago, IL

I would consult with the at least 3-4 of these surgeons before making a decision. Remember, rhinoplasty is a very complicated procedure.  Paying a little bit more ahead of time can save you from alot of surgery related hardship later.   Just do your homework, and be an educated patient! Most of all, make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor. Good luck!