So my girlfriend and I have been dating for a year. I love her dearly I have no doubt that she and I could continue on indefinitely. Recently her psychologist diagnoses her as bipolar, which wasn't surprising. But since the diagnosis she has declined substantially. It's always been a roller coaster with her. She's either extremely happy or intensely depressed. She has recently started to hurt herself again performing acts of self mutilation. She had been doing it frequently prior to our relationship. She isn't medicated because her mother won't allow it. Her mother is a story for another time. But what do I do at this point. I still love her but she's becoming more and more unpredictable. She may be going on medication soon which we hope will help. Her psychologist recommended she go into a mental hospital but won't force her to do it. If in the event she checks into the mental hospital what do I do then? I love her and want to be supportive, but at what cost to myself. I need to do well in school and she occupies all of my time. She is truly a special person and I love her. If anyone here has experienced something similar please respond. I don't want to feel like I'm the only one who has ever gone through this.