I’ve  been with my husband 24 years! Married 22 years! He was diagnosed with bipolar 6 years ago. He has always had extreme depression but as he has gotten older things have gotten much worse. The last year has been by far the worst. He got fired for stealing and he was stealing to self medicate with drugs because he stopped taking his meds. Went to rehab twice january 19 and September 19’. This last time he was suppose to be at work and was sleeping in his work truck and then punched holes in our walls like a crazy person. Forced him to rehab hoping they would get his meds right. Nothing! Found a girlfriend and has been sneaking and lying for a month. Sent me a text how he is so regretful and wants to be better and do better and then the next day leaves his family. Doesn’t take anything, not even his toothbrush. Won’t tell me he’s okay. I’m pretty sire he’s using drugs again and I’m so worried about him. No idea where he is but stole his son’s phone for some reason. Of course he claims he didn’t and everything is my fault. He even said his feelings changed 6 years ago at Disney World when I was upset over our toddler wanting to sleep with daddy over me! What? Maybe that happened but seriously! He says, I don’t love him, acts like a bad teenager. Sleeps all weekend half tne time while i cook, clean and handle the household. I pay half bills. I do everything for him. He is selfish and self centered. I love him but this is crazy. He has a girlfriend and Im worried about his safety. When i shouldn’t give a c**p. Makes me a caregiver not a wife and wonders why i don’t feel romantic with him.! I wish I knew there was a way to get meds rigbt and have a normal life. This sucks!