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Hey all;

Where to start.....My second husband is a Alcholic, my first husband was a Alcholic and my father was too.
When I met my husband I am married to right now, he had not had a drink in 10 years, and that is what I wanted for my life, to be with someone that didn't drink. We have been together 11 years now and last December, he went to visit his family out of province and went drinking with his brother-in-law and that started it all over again, when he came home, he said he was not going to continue the drinking and then in March it started up again.
We are now in September and he is drinking almost everyday, he hides his drinking, he doesn't answer his cell phone when he is drinking. I tell him that I love him but I don't love his actions or his drinking.
He owns his own business and his own company vehicle, and he is neglecting on paying his insurance for his vehicle by months and his lease for his vehicle by months as well. I asked him, if he realizes what he is doing to himself, and he says that he is going to stop drinking and then when he gets money again, he is gone again. And, also he lies constantly about where he is when he has been drinking.
I can't live like this anymore, it is drving me crazy, all my freinds tell me to kick him out. What do I do??? Please someone help????
I do go to AL-Anon by the way.
Thank you



I work for a drug and alcohol rehab, if you would send me an email I can send you a PDF file that has been useful to many people in your situation titled “How to motivate someone to seek help for Alcoholism”.

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I wish you all the best