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An ex bf who a month ago, sincerely appologized for everything. We broke up. He broke up with ME. multiple times, paragraph and paragraph and really wanted me back deeply said he regretted ever ending it and wished he could take it back, and that I am ALL he could ask for. He said the reason for breaking up with me, was that he felt scared, alone, and confused, and in a foggy weird state of mind. He said that he regretted it so much, and honestly wished he could take it back. He misses all of it. said he wanted things to be how they were before, and he has felt this way ever since we broke up. It wasn't that random either... whenever we run into eachother, that is his exuse to text me... and this time, he actually let it all out. He told me the last time he ran into me, he wanted to tell me but was scared. BUT.... 2 days later after the appology and us staying up all night talking about happy memories, he was kind of acting weird but not that weird.. then he let me know he doesn't want to hurt me again like he did, and he is so afraid of losing me again and doesn't even know what to "think" to be honest. He said he is afraid to take that risk and lose me, even let alone lose me as a friend since I is the only one who DEEPLY cares about him and understand him (besides his amazing mom, and grandparents. He has a dead beat MEAN dad who cheated on his mom) Then, a month ago, he just one day stopped texting me. Completely. Not ANY closure, not even giving me a last word!! My ex also has bipolar depression, and i thought he was starting medication. Would this affect him ALL OF A SUDDEN changing hid mind, even though the night before he wanted her SO badly and insanely?! Could this be because of the bipolar thing he has? I just... I don't understand. BEHIND THE BREAKUP: We were in deep crazy love, even when we were 16 he asked how many kids I wanted, etc. Later in life, he made it clear he only wanted me and only me. But sadly, he broke up with me months ago. He was going to move to a different area most likely and he admitted to me he had bipolar depression, so that was adding on even more stress.


This definately sounds like someone who is bi polar. People who dont have mental illnesses find it hard to understand what a bipolar person means when they say they are confused. my gf says alot of the same things sometimes and weve been together for almost three years. the meds could definately affect his communication with you. its going to take his body some time to get used to the new chemicals that are entering his system. drinking is the cause of most of my problems with my gf. try to be supportive and continue communication with him. try not to focus on the romantic side of your relationship, honestly he isnt ready for that in his unstable condition. trying to be in a serious relationship at this point raises the chances of you getting hurt and could cause you to lose your self esteem and that would just compound the current problems. be the best friend you can be to him. support him and be patient with him for his mistakes. listen and do not judge him, alot of the things he may say he may not really mean, just probably trying to sort out his head. I know that manic phases are worse in my case, and depressive states are wen my gf accually shows me she loves me. Try to keep up with his signs of changing moods the best you can, for example, my gf dies her hair everytime she is about to go into a manic phase. knowing the signs can help you point them out to him because he may not recognize his mood swings himself. The more aware he is of himself, i think, the more likely he will be able to somewhat control himself and avoid doing things to hurt you.