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My boyfriend and I have sex maybe a few times a month, i've been on birth control for about 5 months and everything seems to have gone fine with it so far. i've gotten my period every month like normal.

we've only had sex once earlier this month, if i remember correctly it was a few days after my period had ended. now because we have sex so rarely, i'm usually very sore when we have sex. i'm on birth control, desagen, and he pulls out, sometimes it seems like he barely makes it out and some of it may have leaked by my vagina.

today we had sex and it wasn't painful at all. my period should be in about a week and a half...but i dont' know what it is, it didn't hurt me at all, and that is completey unusual, so unusual and noticeable that he thought i had been cheating on him..which isn't true.

because that happened i've become extrememly paranoid, i've realized that my stomach has been feeling queezy the past week or so, and that i've been having some unusual food cravings, especially for ice cream (and that's odd because it's winter)

my breasts feel larger and slightly sore..and i've always been a person that loves to sleep, but it feels more sleepy than usual.

and also, i've noticed that i've been in more of a "mommy" mode lately, with the pets and with things i do around the house.

do you think it's possible that i am pregant?
or am i REALLY overanalyzing everything.

should i wait the two weeks until i get my period or do you think i really might be and i should take a test?


Don't stop taking the BC, if you don't have your period like you should then take a test. As far as the sex not being painful, it is possible that you had enough lubrication this time, or that simply your hormones are catching up with your physical actions.


Omg.. it's like i wrote this post my self... We use the same method. Birth control and pull out. But I always get paranoid a week before my period is due... My tummy feels bloated, i'm having a thick white discharge, cravings... basically I'm freaking out... I just noticed you posted this a year ago... so were you pregnant? Please answer


I saw you posted this 3 months ago, so you probably know the answer to your own question...but I'll answer anyways for any other young girl searching for the same answer.
First off, if you are using the pill correctly, meaning taking the pill at the exact time everyday, you will be protected from pregnancy. At least you have a high percentage of being protected. And this is with no other contraceptives involved.
Adding the pullout method to this, simply reduces the chance of getting pregnant. If your bf did not ejaculate before engaging in unprotected sex, there are no spermies in the precum. So you're pretty safe when you combine the two methods together.
Now to answer about the symptoms you are getting : women react differently while on the pill. From what I've read, and what doctors have said, the pill is actually supposed to trick your body in thinking you are pregnant. I get the exact, I mean EXACT same symptoms a week or two before my period. I get so baby crazy I have to google baby pictures. Scares my boyfriend sometimes.
So it is completely normal.