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im only 16 years old. i had unpretected sex with my boyfriend 2 weeks before my period. i started to get really tired, eating more and gettin sore breasts. 3 days later i started to spotting a little bit, it wasnt my period it was jus a little bit of blood kinda brown colour. 2 days later more blood came and it kinda looks like my period but i have really bad cramps and i dont ususally get cramps while im on my period.. could i be pregnant, should i or can i take a pregnancie test while im bleeding? somebody please help me !


I'm trying to follow the dates.

Are you saying your period was due two weeks after you had sex and then that 5 days after having sex you thought you had your period? So your period is about 9 days early?

If you are truly having your period then you are not pregnant. Yes, you can take a home pregnancy test even with bleeding, they test your urine. Do the test first thing after you wake up. Check the brands, often they say to wait about 10 days after you've missed your period, depending upon the brand.

It still could be implantation bleeding but the timing is very close. It can take about a week for the fertilized egg to implant.

You could also have some cramping just from having sex. It could also be an infection.

You do know that even though you're only 16 that you can get pregnant and should be using protection.

Please clear up my confusion as to the dates. You probably should take a HPT but if the cramps continue you need to see your doctor.

Hope that helps.


I Have The Same Thing!