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I'm 19 years old and i have been suffering from a weak bladder for the last 5 weeks, i have also not had a period during this time aswel. I have been to a sexual health clinic and i am clear of all infections. I also have slight bleeding when passing a stool, and it is often quite painful. My bladder weakness has improved but hasn't completely gone away. Im very worried please can you give me some advice on what I might be suffering from, and what I should do.


Hi there,

Having problems with bladder can definitely affect your period. You don’t have to have sexually transmitted disease to have problems with your bladder and to miss your period. Urinary tract infections are very often in women and you some statistics say that more than 60% of women get at least on urinary tract infection in their lifetime. So my guess that you problem is caused by urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection can affect your bladder in many ways and weak bladder is nothing strange. You should try to use some antibiotics to clear out your infection. Have you tested your urine for the urinary tract infection or maybe for other bacterial infection of the bladder?