Hi all, my friend whom is stubburn as heck lives with a condition that needs to be diagnosed. She bleeds regularly through the anus in large amounts on a biweekly schedule almost for the past six years! Now she complains of stomach pains like bloating (she can drink a cup of water and feel full) feels discomfort in stomach and also a specific pin point like pain below the abdominal but above the vaginal area (this pain is frequent but not constant). Constipation at first then diarrhea on a twice to three times a week basis. Naussea is now starting to become part of her routine! She also feels a weird sensation in her anus kind of like something entering rectum. She fears the worst but does nothing so if anyone has ideas let me know. 

p.s. shes had two kids and has history of hemroids. Also she is diagnosed animic since 2009,  does take medications.