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Hello, So I've had my IUD inserted early April 2012, I really didn't have any symptoms just irregular spotting for the first 2 months. My period lasted about 3 weeks (spotting) then it would stop and spot again, pretty annoying if you ask me. So now its July (3rd month) and I haven't had my period? O: I don't I know if this would be an irregular late period or Im preg (hopefully not) but I cramp alot at night, I usually wake up because the cramping is too much sometimes. It hurts to sleep in the "belly down position" so usually I have to turn side ways. My stomach is really bloated and it won't go down back to normal. I don't know what's wrong can anyone relate with me? Can anyone help me please! I would gladly appreciate it (: , Thanks.


Hi Jessica: I had Mirena inserted first week of May of this year. My experience is very similar. I had a few cycles that lasted FOREVER but were very light. Now my period is 8 days over due and I also feel a bit bloated. Im not ONE BIT worried. Everyone I know who has an IUD - Mirena specifically, has told me the SAME thing. The spotting, cycles and weird bleeds happen for the first 1-3 months and then just stop.  I asked my dr about the full feeling, the bloating. She assured me this will also diminish. I wouldnt worry about pregnancy. Mirena is as effective as tubal ligation or a vasectomy. Hope that helps.