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About a month ago, I noticed a small, painful lump under my tongue about were my salivary glands are. The lump grew in size over a week, and was visibly filled with fluid. After pressing against it for a bit, a lot of fluid shot out of it. It felt okay for a day or two, then I noticed it was filling with fluid again. I once again pressed on it, and it was fine. Recently, it began filling with fluid again, and every time I press the flues out, it refills by the end of the day or the next morning. Does anyone know what might be causing this or what the treatment would be?


Hello there,

You probably have clogged salivary gland which is called mucocele and there are few ways to treat this condition.

 Good thing is that this is not dangerous but rather annoying as you can see by yourself. Mucocele can bother you while eating and speaking. Sometimes mucocele go away on their own so first you need to stop popping it out because you are not going to get rid of it on this way. If it doesn’t go away by itself in a few days than you will need to consult your doctor because you will probably need to have surgical removal of mucocele.  Some doctors use injections of corticosteroid before the procedure and if this treatment option works you will avoid the surgery.