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about a year ago i was eating on crisps when i suddenly had a terrible pain underneath my jaw. the pain went but my neck swelled up so i went up the hospital and the doctor said i had a blocked salivary gland. he said it should go away with antibiotics, if not it will go in 3 months. its been ayear now and everytime i eat its still swells and feels hard. wot shall i do?


I have had blocked salivary ducts twice - about 20 years apart. The only cure for the condition is to have the stone that is blocking the duct removed. If not, every time you see, smell or eat food, the swelling will flare up and the area under your jaw will be distended with the accumulated saliva that has nowhere to go.

The first time this happened to me, the private ENT specialist excised it under local anaesthetic. Once that was done, the saliva flowed normally and the swelling disappeared. The second time it was a bit of a nightmare. Countless x-rays were taken at the hospital and the hospital specialist tried to remove the stone by inserting a fine wire into the duct. He tried several times and failed. The duct became inflamed and he told me to return when the inflammation disappeared. To make a very long story very short, I went elsewhere and had the stone removed by other means.

One year is a very long time to be suffering with this condition. You have my heartfelt sympathy. Perhaps you should get your family doctor to refer you to an ENT specialist.

Best wishes.