My hubby have had blocked salivary gland since last year May. The first time it happened, it as a total nightmare. We went to the GP and he prescribed some pain killers thinking that my hubby had a toothache. Not knowing that the salivary gland was blocked, my hubby continued taking the medicine and he was in pain for a week before he was finally admitted to hospital for 5 days. In the hospital, we saw an ENT. We did a scan and saw the blockage. The ENT wanted to perform surgery but was unable to confirm the actual location of the stone and the incision was to be on the face. The risk of damaging the facial nerve was also very high. We checked out and seek for an oral surgeon's opinion. He adviced that the incision is to be made in the mouth. My hubby was reluctant to be operated on. Therefore, the blockage was left alone until 2 months back. The gland was very swollen again and he is was antibiotics. There were pus oozing out when pressured. Is his condition very serious? Will it lead to cancer? Are there any way to remove the stone without having any surgery?