Hi everyone,

Im 23 years old. I have over the past 6 years or so had moderate acne on my face. My skin now has got alot better. It is alot smoother and has no pimples or anything like that. However, I have pink-red coloured blothes on the upper area of my cheeks. (There does exist many blackheads in these areas).I also have this blotchyness the very front of my forehead (pretty much in the area between my eyebrows). I would not consider this as "acne", as I believe acne to be a skin condition consisting of pimples and bumps and lumps and things. My condition just tends to be moderate blotchyness. I have tried alot of products to try solve my problem including:
Anthony - cleanser
Dermalogica - Special Cleansing gel
Astara - blue flame purification mask
Clean & clear cream face wash.

(Amazingly the first 3 products cost around €40-€50 each and the C&C cream wash cost a mere €5, and I found that this product worked the best out of all products -.... this product has made my skin smoother and softer, but has not solved my blotchyness)

Can anyone please please help me. As I say, Im 23 and am really getting fed up with my skin condition at this stage.

Thanks to everyone who has read/will reply to this post, thank you.