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anyone here let me know how to get rid of acne??


Hi herrymine,


I'm 18 and for a while I struggled with moderate acne. I can give you some advice for normal acne, but not cystic acne which is acne that forms deep under the skin and doesn't form a head.

I've found that routinely using the same thing after about a month or so helps. Specifically, I use a clearasil oil-free wash in the morning and at night, however, it has started to dry out my skin a lot so I only use it at night. You don't want to use a mixture of products, you want to find what works and stick with it. Proactive is slightly expensive, but for some it really works.

If you're looking for home remedies, 1-3% hydrogen peroxide works well. The peroxide dries up acne and gets rid of redness. However, you don't want to overuse peroxide as it will kill off the good bacteria that your face naturally produces. Soak a cotton ball and apply to the areas that are afflicted with acne and let it dry before bed, I use this on pimples that are really stubborn and won't go away. Peroxide may burn a bit, but it helps me when I use it on problem pimples or in small amounts.

Also, I have cut out fast-food from my diet almost completely (about 2 months free now, only had a grilled chicken wrap from McDonalds in the past week) and soda. Some may claim that diet has nothing to do with acne, but I think it does. It's different from person to person. All of these things together can help reduce it greatly, trust me, but it won't happen over night. Also (I'm hoping) acne seems to go away with age as well, as you get out of the awkward puberty stages.

Hope this helps you, good luck!



Hi herrymine, here are some ways to reduce acne;

Dirt- Keep your hand far away from your face. Hands carry so much dirt and oil. Dirt does not only come from hands, but also comes from outside. Im not telling you to stay away from outside but just to remember that through the day dirt will build up in your skin, so be sure to wash your hand every few hours and wash your face both morning and night.

Exercise- After any use of exercise such as running, lifting, bicycle riding and any other exercise or activity, your face will build up oil and which oil built in your skin will cause acne. Make sure to scrub your face with face wash after any use of exercise.

Sweets- Any type of sugary treat such as chocolate, candy or ice-cream is in fact one of the highest cause of acne. Make sure to stay away from those kind of treats and eat them on rare occasions. 

Product- The product you use as your regular face washing routine will definitely have an effect on your acne. Be sure to not use any wash with colourings or flavours in it. This will cause your skin to react badly. Make sure your wash is a natural product. Recommended product would be Proactive.

Hope this helps! :)