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Hi all, I have a strain of pink eye for almost two months that isnt going away with medicine. Ive been to 2 eye doctors and they dont know what to do. If its the anxiety causing it- Ill deal with it- but of course- Im starting to worry (what a surprise) that there is some underlying illness that they cant seem to find. I took trazodone and it said blurry vision was a side effect- but its been over a week since ive stopped and it hasnt gone away. I also have severe nausea and hot flushes all day. Anyone have anything similiar? Thanks alot, Maria



My reading vision seemed to get worse, so went to eye dr to get stronger perscriptione.I thought it would be quick , no full exam, just reading, dr strongly sugested to dialation they , and found one of my eyes to be hemmoaging (bleeding ) behind eye. I have to see a reti specialisst right away so appointment is soon and this is a serios problem., get it checked[/enc][/list]