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Evertime I'm about to get my period I feel a slight itch on my butt. Or leg. I scratch it and 2 days or so later it turns into this boil. It's been going on for a year now. Sometimes it's on my upper leg. Inner thigh. Under my butt. Very annoying and painful to say the least. I've been to doctors. Regular MD'S and gynos. The gynocologist says to go on birthcontrol. Due to over active hormones, my age ( 45 ) and low iron, my immune system not being that strong anymore, that the balancing of my hormones will help prevent future boils. Nothing being promised of course. The MD's say take extra vitamin C a daily supplement vitamin and put lotion on the area. They don't agree that birthcontrol will help. I'm so confused. I'm going thru one right now and I'm on an antibiotic. I can't sit. I'm in pain. I'm not sure if I should start the birth control pill. I'm seeing the doctor again tomorrow. He's going to drain it for me. I shouldn't have to live like this. I'm reading that it's quite common with women and related to their periods. So why isn't there an answer ?


Hi Maritza: Boils are from a low immune system! I do not understand rationele for using BCP! Boils aren't from hormones!!!! And also when you are over 40 and on BCP there are some MAJOR health risks to taking them OK?

I would like you to go to your local health food stores and find immune boosting herbs and medications! My youngest son has a weak immune system he takes Acyclovir! And this really helps him with the herpes that he gets ALL the time! Have they ruled out herpes with you? It does sound like that - which is the 1st sign of a low immune system! I am NOT talking about Herpes - sexual variety, I am talking about Herpes from the lack of an immune system! When you get it drained, then ask him/her about herpes!!! Good luck and health!