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I have been prepping for a colonoscopy for a day now, I am a diabetic so I have to check my sugars a couple of times a day.  Now I see that I have some BG levels that have gone wild since doing this prep!  I have to drink magnesium citrate to clean out my bowels.  I also have to drink only clear liquids but I think this is causing my blood sugars to go out of control!  I have highs and lows and when I feel like I am having hypoglycemia, I drink some sugary drink but then my sugars go up high again.  This is causing me much anxiety.  I don't want to have my sugars dropping on me!  What do I do about it?  I have to prep for another day and a half and I am at my wits' end! Is there something I need to drink that would balance my sugars out so I don't have this issue?  Has anyone else with diabetes out there have to do a bowel op and had to deal with crazy blood sugars?


There is a way to get enough carbs but not to overdo it.  You should count the carbs in your drinks just as you would with food in your meals.  Check the magnesium citrate for carbohydrates as well.  Anything you are taking in for the colonoscopy prep could have hidden carbs in them, which may be why you are having high blood sugars.  If you are drinking fluids without carbohydrates, this may be causing your blood sugars to take a dip into lows. If you keep closer eye on your carb intake and ensure you take in the carbs you need at each meal and snack, you may be able to keep your blood sugars in check.  I hope this helps!