Hi everyone out there, need some advice . Having surgery in a months time to have large bowel removed, will keep small bowel . Have a condition called F.A.P ( familial adenomatous polyposis ), this causes more polys in the bowel than normal, and unfortunately i have too many  hence the need for bowel surgery.

 I have tried and tried and tried to find out any info on the kinds of food i should start to lay off, the type of foods i should keep etc, i have asked the macmillan nurses but they have ignored my calls, i have called my gp, he hasnt got a clue, my surgeon doesnt know, my genetics  doctor doesnt know, the dieticians do not know either. Who can i turn to if these people do not knowwhat i am or not supposed to eat.

 Also with this kind of operation  can anyone give me any info on what to expect after the operation  and how long would the stay in hospital be, i know operations affect people in many different ways, just some advice would go a long long way as right now i am not getting any advice from the medical profession here. can e-mail me any info  at  _[removed]_.